Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I should like to attend an outdoor Victorian skating party!
 With yards of luscious garb to keep me warm and lace trim on my skates 
and a fur lined muff that would look just so. 
 My cheeks would grow pink from twirling in the wind and I would fall down and laugh out loud. And partake of plentiful fripperies by an open fire and my wet bum would grow chilly. 
 That's what I should like.
~MF 2012


Anonymous said...

Oh! That would be a perfect way to spend a cold afternoon! I should love to attend with you!

Mama Zen said...

Only if I have an ambulance standing by!

Brian Miller said...

ha that would be a blast...i am much better on a skateboard than i am on ice skates...all up for some broom ball as well...hope you had a great holiday!

G-Man said...

Fur Lined Muffs?
My Favorite!!!
After all, I am a Retro kind of guy!
Have a Kick Ass New Year Mimi...G

Crafty Green Poet said...

that does sound like fun - I'd be scared I'd slip on the ice though


Your photo on this post is great.What a huge house in the background! Love old photos. Once had a fantastic collection but in a moment of weakness sold them. Skating -- did my share when I lived in MI. I would imagine a Victorian skating party would have hot cider afterwards. Thanks for awakening my many memories. -- barbara