Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ice cream, Spaghetti and a Banana

The air in the room was made from delicate crimsons receding to soft pinks, though, when I looked in the far
 away mirror I saw only a sepia me pretending to hide.

He gave me his words, many and bound crudely, surprising me with his gift and I thought I knew
 then that the secret was hidden inside.

"Jessie would have wanted to hug you." were the first words he said.
And I smiled when he spoke them though I did not know who Jessie was.

I meant to walk away but he turned me back, lacing his fingers in mine, lifting my outward palms above my head against the waiting, raw papered wall. 

 His hands were much smaller than I had always imagined.

His lips brushed mine, softly then harder and I could taste years of longing
and something sweet, like decision.  I pushed back, but not to get away.

"Are you afraid to make love to me?" he whispered inside my mouth.

I had no answer, for I had long forgotten that this was what I had wanted.

~MF '13 

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