Saturday, October 6, 2012

Willow Manor Ball 1812

My Dearest Diary,

I believe I shall swoon!

My invitation to the 
arrived by morning post!
Dear Tess, such a lovely and creative woman.  
I admire her so!

Runcible, my faithful houseman and dear friend and confidant
delivered it to me via sterling tray amidst brunch and roses this very morn!
He is such a dear!
I would be ever so lost without him!

Last year was such joyous amusement!
It felt as though the evening were one, long, glorious dream!
Simply everything was in a delicious haze!

Well, upon sight of my return invitation I was in such a state that Runcible
advised me a lie-down with a Bath bun and a weak cup of tea.

Knowing my capricious nature, dear Runcible assured  me he would have
all details of my attendance in hand and I wasn't to worry a whit!

But, oh!  So much to prepare for!
So many decisions!
I am in a state!

Must dash, my love, for I hear Runcible 
at my door with the tell tale rustle of many, many gowns to choose from!

Oh, it shall all be a delight!


(excerpt from the Journal of Violet Moorfields October 6, 1812)

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Teresa said...

How wonderful to receive that coveted invitation!