Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Willow Manor Ball 1812

hosted by the creative Tess Kincaid from The Mag

You can read all about her FABULOUS Ball here


Taken from The Lost Journals of Violet Moorfields

For persons and events leading up to this e'en

A few weeks ago

And so.........

October 28, 1812

Dear Diary,

The Day dawns!  
Restless night.  So excited about the Willow Manor Ball I could scarcely sleep!
Met the most wonderful and original persons of quality last year and am so much looking forward to their 
company once more!  It is strange, being alone here in this mansion, with only dear Runcible, my faithful friend and loyal houseman.

Started the morn with a lovely little tea party to fortify my spirits for the coming e'en.
Naught like elevensies with good friends to calm ones tattered nerves!

The Ball this year is said to be masquerade!
What fun!
Though I did have to turn down the kind offer of a loan from the twins, who reside 
in the cabin at the edge of the property.
One does hate to appear ungrateful......but, really, I don't see *how* my newly coiffed hair could accommodate such a look.
I don't think they were happy with my decision.....but it was hard to tell.......

I am thinking, black.  Yes, mysterious black for garb!
Runcible gave me a nod of approval.  He has always been partial to the darker hues.
I am so twitter-pated o'er my look that I scarcely feel a part of this world!

Yes.  I do believe this masque will do!

Date cancelled.  With very little proper warning, I might add.
Something regarding his sister and his *sick mother*
Oh, please.  Do spare me the excuses.
It is probably just as well since I haven't room in my life for a Mamma's boy.

Transport seems always an issue, what with being so far out in the country.
However, the Morose brothers, Jebadiah and Samuel, agreed to see me to the manor party.
Though it *did* seem to take us an age to arrive.
I blew kisses to Runcible and promised to be home.....early!
(Runcible is *such* a worry-wart when I am out on a jaunt!)


I arrived at the front gates and made my way in.
Tess does keep a lovely garden!
The party was already in progress!
It was a glorious affair!
Mister Linky, the doorman, kindly took my name and showed me in.

Everyone was having a wonderful time.  One family even brought their goat!
So adorable!

The magic show was amazing!
It left me quite breathless!
How *do* they accomplish such feats?

Dreadful!   There is a  rumor circling of a Bottom Pinching Chicken about the party!
And I fear to break the news.......he may have friends........  (*giggle*)

And so, danced on and on into the night as the Absinthe flowed............


And so, the clock strikes midnight, signaling the end of yet another magical e'en...........
The Willow Manor Ball leaves me feeling somehow.....enchanted!
As though I am of another world..........
Thank you, Tess, for a magical time.............
I feel as though I shall dance on and on into the night.........
love, Violet

OCTOBER 28, 2012
Hey Guys-  Absolutely will not be able to make the Ball.
First, my invitation was somehow lost.  I found it underneath the pillows in the guest room of all places!  Then, apparently we've had a break in.  My china tea set was strewn about and every single gown I own left on my bedroom floor! 
My mask has completely gone missing!
And if that's not enough, there's crashing coming from the shed at the edge of the property
so we probably have a raccoon in there or worse, a skunk.....   *sigh*
The electric is flickering in and out, probably from this upcoming storm.
I called the guy to come look at it and they sent out a polite, rather well dressed man.
He's gone upstairs and hasn't come back down yet.  
He has very good posture.  lol
Can't imagine how much this is going to cost, but it's my own fault for moving into this old mansion in the middle of nowhere.   :p 
Hope you are all having a wonderful time.....(*sigh*)
Hey!  Remember last year when I found that old journal?  THAT's missing, too........ 
Oh...BBL......that electric guy is coming down the stairs.......
Have fun at the party!  Be safe!
*hugs*   Mimi
ps.  Why do you guys keep messaging me about chickens?  


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by restless night! Great you're here.

Heaven said...

That was quite a funny ending but I enjoyed the magic show and post with all the pictures ~

Tom said...

Well, that goat has been out eating my clothes drying on the line. Guess it will be that sort of night.

Kathy G said...

Hope things turn out well for you.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Indeed! The magic show was fascinating!

Uh, Tom....sorry about the goat........but I saved your other fuzzy slipper..... :)

Heaven- I think that if you catch up on what happened last year it will make more sense to know what 1812 Violet is doing in 2012 Mimi's mansion..... ;)

Confusing...I know.
Imagine how Mimi feels! lol :)

Catfish Tales said...

Oh dear. Must have been those d&^%# twins!

Catherine said...

It has been a pleasure to meet you while petting those adorable goats! I also am planning on dancing into the wee hours...those Bottom Pinching Chickens are so delightful to cavort with under the full moon!

Laurel's Quill said...

You are way too funny.

Other Mary said...

Hahaha - that's when the ball got out of hand! Oh, so sorry you won't be there - especially when you made it as far as the door! Next year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lovely review of the ball which helped me relive it, and your assistance cleared up some mysteries. I was so mesmerized by the magic show that I was oblivious to the bottom pinching chickens. So that explains why I woke up so sore "down there".

Margaret said...

...I'm thinking it's a good thing your date cancelled! Hope to see you next year (and I have noticed a number of chicken feathers floating upon the breeze outside...)

Sandra Leigh said...

No wonder I couldn't find you! Unfortunately, I did find the chicken -- but I made a quick escape, with the aid of my gallant escort. See you next year (at least, I hope so).

Yoli said...

Bravo I can't stop laughing!!!

Trellissimo said...

What costumes! LOL.