Friday, October 5, 2012


Just a quick post of my newest two treasures.

I have recently taken to collecting old photographs.
I find them fascinating as well as a bit tragic for having been abandoned, somehow ending up in 
a lost pile of dust.

Not sure exactly *why* I am attracted to one and not the other or even what influences my choice, but nonetheless, when I happen upon one it must come live with me.

I am still at the point that I am able to vintage frame and display but I imagine I'll soon run out of table room.

Hmm.  I guess there's always the walls!  :)

I think ahead to future generations trying to work out my ancestry...........
They are sure to be greatly confused!  *giggle*

*note:  I found it rather fascinating that Chair Girl 
made it all the way from Sweden!  I promise to keep her safe!

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Teresa said...

How lucky they are that you have adopted them!