Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A River of Stones Post #3

A River of Stones #3

I looked in the mirror today and remembered that I was no longer a blonde.
That I no longer wore fancy dress-up clothes or did my eyes just so or had perfect, raspberry colored nails to tap things with. Now my hair is of faded copper, worn in
You'll Never Get A Man Like That pigtails and I dress in You Really Must Try Harder ragged gypsy skirts. Make-up is something I usually forget and there is often dirt under my fingernails from the failed blueberry patch out back. And, on days when I am very lucky, I smell of goat.

Mimi Foxmorton

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seika said...


Someone asked me today "Who inspires me, who is my muse?" How does one answer that without giving away their most intimate feelings. I would rather remove my clothes and stand naked in a public square. I don't want to tell you who he or she may be or if it is a he or she, it may well be a place or a time or a combination of all. I am not willing to expose myself to the world like that.