Monday, January 24, 2011

A River of Stones Post #23

Purple and pink rings surrounded the moon early this morn. It made me
think that faeries were dancing hand in hand.


seika said...


It has been said that those that have...HAVE and those that DON'T "Don't give a Damn"

I think I fall into the latter category.

Kat W said...

Oh this is a lovely stone & has cheered me up after the one about the dog left out in the cold ;-) Glad I read them in this order.

Great photo as well - this dog (yours?) is grinning & seemingly very happy with the head dress/ crown!

Kat :-)

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh aye, Kat! My Yellow Dog loves to play dress up! He's very good at "w-a-i-t...." then freezes until the flash! He's my constant boy!

The poor cold dog it is reported has begun to eat and drink and while still bad off is on his way to recovery. Animals are so resilient! :)