Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A River of Stones Post #11

A River of Stones Post #11

There's a soft, snoring snout at the good end of the couch in the exact place my butt wishes to be so I resign myself to the other end-the wrong end-and don't stay very long. I think how it would be if the snout weren't there. I'd be really, really comfortable but I'd be really, really alone.

***And, on a completely unrelated note: For those of you who are Brit-com fans of Keeping Up Appearances and the infamous Hyacinth Bucket.... the sugar bowl in the pic is my "Royal Doulton china with the hand painted periwinkles!"
I found it last week in a thrift shop! I was incredibly excited!

Addtionally though, the name periwinkle was invented for the Keeping Up Appearances television show. The actual china used was Colclough Braganza which was part of Royal Doulton, but which was discontinued in
1996. But still.....'s Colclough Braganza on my Bucket List! ;)

Hmm.....I wonder where the original set is now.......?


seika said...


There is an anticipation in the air that only the first buds of spring will quell.

Mimi Foxmorton said... made me see pink today! :)