Monday, July 18, 2011


Well, it took nearly four days for the head to dry properly.  I was excited to sand and smooth the face but it turns out that even the coarse sandpaper won't do the trick on Claycrete.  I guess I kind of knew that as I was sculpting because there were far too many wrinkles that couldn't be smoothed out.  I've since perused the craft store and believe I'll give a different medium a go.  I'm wary of clay though as I'm not a big fan of trying to bake it.

But, nevertheless, I'll go ahead with this existing piece and see where it takes me.

I thought I had a plan, I can say it now- I was going to go for a Wonderland theme-in particular the Mad Hatter. (my soul favorite!)  But after sanding and painting and working for a flesh tone and coming up too pink in a face full of crevices and repainting and repainting,  it became apparent that this would be no Mad Hatter.  He definitely spoke clearly to me as he finally guided my hand to the green paint.  This was, indeed, the making of Nut Grassbottom, a Gnome appearing in a story I just recently began to make a blog for:
 A Faerie Magical Yellow Dog Tail

Perfect cheeks...chin...wrinkles.....eyes.......oh, eyes. 


This would probably be a good time to point out that I haven't a clue how to paint features. 
It's always been a problem that what goes on inside my head will never come out my hand.
(Probably good in some cases, eh?)  ;)

So, after mixing a lovely pale green (the green is much greener in person) and waiting (again) for all to dry I dug through my box of treasure scraps and here's what I came up with:

There is no way that this face isn't a Gnome so the flower petals worked nicely.
And since Nut Grassbottom is a trickster who lives in Faerieland it was perfect.
I used rather large pearls painted a blue iris, black pupil and white dot for reflected light.

And there you have it.

Plus, apparently now my lot has been cast.  I don't imagine the Creative Powers That Be will
let me stop until I sculpt the entire cast of characters!  lol

Now.......back in the bowl on top of the fridge you go Mister Grassbottom
whilst I think for a while longer.  Oh, and feel free to speak up if you have any more notions regarding how you should look.  Just tap me on the shoulder first!  ;)

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