Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So, at 8 o'clock on Sunday night after perusing one too many art magazines, this intense urge to SCULPT a doll comes over me.

Now, if you know me you know that when the urge to create strikes me I must act immediately.
I'm guessing it's all about my compulsive disorders (not necessarily all bad) in combination with my poorly developed impulse control.  (Um, probably not my finest work-impulse control.)  But no matter, sculpt I must.

Of course, 8pm on a Sunday evening is no good time to acquire clay but I *did* just happen to have a bag of Clay-crete,  a roll of foil and a chopstick handy (actually, doesn't everyone with even a single, hopeful, creative bone in her body?  Art project hoarding yields many things on a Sunday evening!)  So, much to Yellow Dog's distress (bedtime is 8:30pm) I got to mixing......and sculpting.

It went surprisingly well considering I haven't a clue as to what I'm doing.  I just followed my instinct and let the doll take over.  If dolls are anything like hats I have no doubt it will tell me what it wants me to do.

Clay would probably have been smoother to work with.  The Clay-crete, basically papiermache, got rather gobby but it was fun to see the face take shape.  The material also left quite a bumpy surface so it will  probably be quite a deal to sand it smooth.  Or perhaps it will be more Prim-like and the cracks will add character.   We'll have to wait an see.

  The drying process takes up to three days and in this weather probably more.
I'm anxious to move on with the process but clearly sculpting will be my lesson in patience.

I have an idea of where I'd like to see this project going but I won't say out loud quite yet.
I want to wait and see what the doll tells me first.

STEP 1  Foil ball and a chopstick.

STEP 2  After much slapping on, over lapping and poking and prodding of the Claycrete.

AND NOW....WE WAIT...............

(Stay tuned for the Next Step!)

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Sam Pennington said...

I am loving the reassurance it isn't just me who has both random mad ideas at daft times of day, and a stash of art materials bought in the hope I might be inspired to create something amazing!! Thank you Mimi xxx

Dolls must be in the air - I printed off a pattern to make a rag doll last week, but the urge wore off before I got the sewing machine out. (thankfully)