Saturday, August 18, 2012

Commedia dell'Arte-CHAOS Style!

My dearly beloved, smelly old, rotting commedia garb coat from the 80's
and my latest thrift find shoes!

Commedia dell'Arte, a style of theatre originating for the larger part in 16th century Italy
is one of my great passions.  I cut my theatre teeth in a commedia troupe and have always loved it
 best of any style of acting.

Consisting of stock characters and extremely physical and fast paced execution, theatre of dell'Arte
is a life long study of movement, improv and timing.

I am extremely fortunate, in my position as director of Royal Fairytale Theatre and
Pirates of CHAOS Productions to be able to offer my students classes in this art.

We spent the summer on LADY AND THE LEGUME and had a wonderful outdoor production!

Production night Lady and the Legume

This week, I brought my teen troupe, COMMEDIA DOLLS, into the community to offer
 a mask making workshop with a focus on the traits and characteristics 
common to the dell'Arte.

Here are some photos from the day!

Yes, indeed, I am truly Blessed to be able to keep the commedia alive
with such an excellent troupe of teens, passing it down so it won't be forgotten.

And for the Creative Soul I am truly thankful.

Me, eons ago..........  *sigh*


G-Man said...

This is Thursday....

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Well, it's Friday whilst I'm reading this.............