Friday, March 16, 2012


Since the Blind Goats have been diligently working on the music for THREE GOATS GRUFF for this year's Gooseberry Fair I've decided to honor the story I am writing for this by sculpting the characters while I think in which direction our tale should go.  Since crushing troll bones is out of the question in this day and age, I'm guessing I'd better make my troll a bit more likable!  And, in sooth, I'm just as glad......I'm starting to like the wee bugger.   :)

Once there were three very fine goats-
Very fine goats-
Very fine goats-
Oh, once there were three very fine goats
On the goat side of the mea-dow.........

I look forward to bringing you the rest!  
xo ~Mimi


Teresa said...

I look forward to hearing more of your wonderful story!

Kristen Haskell said...

Hi Mimi - Tag you are a lucky duck. This is a fun get to know you game. I hope you can play along.

P.S. I love your pearls. I knot pearls all the time. It is so relaxing to me.