Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gypsy Treasure

"Rom Gypsies are an irresistible  mixture of theatrical poverty and theatrical luxury — shabby rags and glittering gold jewelry.  Who else could be so poor and so rich at the same time?"


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Red Umbrella by Christopher Shay
w/permission of Magpie

Magpie #80

The girl who works here has hair the color of a perfectly ripened Burgundy tomato.
I like to bring her hot soup and soft bread on days when she has to ride her bike in the damp.
I make the soup myself, but I'm too shy to let her know.

~Foxmorton for Mag 80 2011

What FUN to play with MAGPIE!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Urge to Sculpt: Part 4 Shadows & Blending here are the spoils of last evenings thithering about.
Old Nut Grassbottom blooms!
(those his cheeks are pinkish-which doesn't show like that in the photo)

It appears that I am lacking in the necessary skills required to bring features to life.
I'll have to read some more and see if I can get some insight.
The face appears flat to me, and I'm unable to properly blend the cheeks.
A bit of sandpapering does give it a weathered effect, which I like.
I'm so happy with the sculpting though that I'll keep working at it.
I an completely enjoying my new hobby.

Purchased a block of air dry clay yesterday so perhaps a smoother surface will be different to work with.

Hat and hair finished.  I have *no* problems with hats!  lol

Think I will do heads only until winter.  I'm anxious to play with and refine my sculpting and painting skills.

Have a creative day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Worked on Nut Grassbottom's face this morning and didn't want to stop.
But alas, duty calls.

The Claycrete is so porous that the previous paint was soaked in and Nut was beginning to look a wee....gray.  Hopefully, this final coat of green will stay put.

Note to Self:  Do not jump the gun and do eyes until you are satisfied with the face.
                     It's a bugger getting into those tiny spaces.

Tonight:  Lips and cheeks!  How hard can that be?  lol

To follow my sculpting adventure:

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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Cyrus can't believe his good fortune as he realizes Betsy Lou's handle is stuck in the up position.

Written for and linked to the most fun writer's blog ever:

ps.  Dear Magpie,
There have been terrible stupid problems with blog posts these past months and we have figured out that if you go into your dashboard and enable 'pop ups' that (finally!) other people can post on your blog.  It's been very frustrating....I hope you get to see this.  Love, love, love your blog!  Looking forward to more!  Thanks for letting me play with words!

BEEKMAN 1802-The Artsy Side

Some "artsy" photos from my FABULOUS Beekman 1802 trip this week!
(Yes, I adore the "painting" function on my camera!  I'm such a simpleton!)

To read about the trip and see lots of cool pics pop on over to

We truly had a wondrous time!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Masque Collage

Masque collaged by Foxmorton 2011

Having finished s summer of SHAKESPEARE IN THE ROGH at my castle stage I am still enamored of the of the finest and most lovely ways to perform............

Next up for me:  COMMEDIA DOLLS! 

16th Century Commedia dell' very most favorite style in which to perform..........

Aye, 'tis all about the masque...............

PERFORM!  It frees the soul!

much love,
Fox in window with masque
Masque with flowers

Can't have a new masque without a new headpiece

Soon you'll start seeing masques EVERYWHERE!