Monday, November 14, 2011



A new addition to my latest addiction: Collecting old photos!

This current find, for a mere $3, brings my total up to: 3
(Hey, I said it was mt latest addiction!) lol
I call her: Not Lizzie
I think she's lovely!
(if you scour down in these blogs you'll find the 'Sisters' and the 'Siblings''d think I'd link it for you but I'm lazy........)   ;)  xo

She ended up being 'Not Lizzie' as a friend and I were on our Victorian Murder Day theme with intent to antique, thrift and attend a current Lizzie Borden play.  Did you know that in Trumansburg, this wee town near Ithaca, there are THREE thrift shops and an antique store all inside of four blocks?!  What fun!

And so, Not Lizzie....who looks, I think, a great deal like Lizzie came home to live with me!

The play, a new offering by playwright Garrett Heater, was presented at the Morgan Opera House in Aurora.  The perfect cap to our day of Vic and my Lizzie fascination!  If you love Lizzie it's a must see!

All in all a perfect day of friendship....thrifting.....and a double murder...........

I highly recommend it!  ;)

Drink of the Day:  Blood Red Sangria
                            We think Lizzie would approve.  ;)

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