Friday, September 16, 2011

Missing Violet and Dirty Tom

Hey-ho Lovies!
For those of you who follow this blog you know that I have an obsession with collaging a story into being.
Nothing is allowed to happen until I have collaged it first!
Because of the nature of my collaging (furious snicks with the Vorpal blade and Mad Hatter style glue-sticking, often in no more than a note book) I have a difficult time decently photographing my work.
But I was missing Violet Moorfields this day and, even more, her love Dirty Tom, and was anxious to inspire myself to pick the story back up again this weekend.  I so love Violet, and all her adventures, and hope one day to be able to share her world with you. 

Here's a link to a 'Violet Story' from a future Violet Moorfields-1745.
The Violet Moorfields and Dirty Tom that I am missing today are from 1585.
Violet's ancestors pass through the centuries by way of an old diary, finally coming to her 1745 namesake.  The Moorfields Curse will always thwart their ability to marry thus preserving the Moorfields name.  This link will get you started.  You can read on from there if the story moves you.

Have a lovely day......and please don't stop creating!

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