Monday, May 9, 2011

Never Underestimate the Power of Those 7 Weird Things.......

What a lovely surprise to start my blogging Monday!

Sam, over at Tales of Ordinary Madness
a blog I highly recommend for creative do-or-die philosophy, has kindly chose to confer upon me the Versatile Blogger Award for my Collage Pirate blog.

I am quite humbled. You should never underestimate the power of simple recognition. Especially when you fancy yourself a writer. Because being a writer is a very difficult thing to be. Not so much the writing part.....but the recognition part can be heck.

And so, to fulfill my tasks I must:

1. Thank Sam publicly on her blog.

2. Bestow this award on another deserving blogger.
(I shall confess.....the rule read 4 bloggers but I, in my piratey
rebel way, shall change the number to 1.)

 And I hearby bestow upon Theresa at Faerie Moon Creations
this Versatile Blogger Award!

One, because her blog is a visual and spiritual delight and two, because I still owe her a Spring Swap and I thought she could enjoy this whilst I finish her package.  (Ok, and to assuage my guilt for always being behind.) 

This one's for you, Theresa!

3. Post 7 things about my self that no one knows.
(Seriously, you really want me to do that?) ;)

Ok.  But don't say you weren't warned...........
(also, confession, I pillaged this from my PIRATE GIRL blog.
 What can I say?  My weird things seldom change.)

Also, since my horn is being tooted this fine day, please feel free to trot on over to the favorite of my three blogs, The Goat Borrower

In addition:  Marigold, if you're reading this, check it out:  LINKS!  :)

written Friday, August 17, 2007



(not to be confused with: 50 Things About Me, Name 2 Things, Name 3 Things, Answer All These Questions That No One Will Ever Read The Answers To and What's Your Pirate/Superhero/Werewolf/Crayon/Favorite Sandwich Name?

Just 7? Ok, that's going to take some narrowing down. In whose eyes? My own?

The General Public at Large? My Third Grade Nun? My last beau?

You see, it's all relative. (Wait! Don't ask my relatives! Anyway, I'm adopted.)

Submitted, in descending order, for your approval:

10. I collect old, dirty wooden salad bowls. Now, on the surface this may not qualify as especially weird. Not until it got out of hand, anyway.........

9. I have an exceptionally HUGE Personal Space. It's so huge as to make other people uncomfortable. Those who know me have been known to draw a chalk outline around me when I'm faced with newcomers.

8. I can legally put "Pirate" on my IRS returns. (I don't...but I like knowing that I can.)

7. Coriander makes my lips swell.

Now that I think about it I really don't know if this is 'Ascending' or 'Descending' order.

It makes my head fuzzy to think about it. Which brings me to:

6. I'm hopeless at math, logic and word problems.

5. If I could bring my Dog and my Cat I would board a pirate ship tomorrow and sail to a past century....and never return.

Why tomorrow?

4. I can't leave the house for an adventure unless it's completely spotless and I've shaved my legs.
   (Henceforth, I rarely leave the house.)

3. My passion is extinguished by the smell of after shave.  Any aftershave. 

I know. But it is. Give me the smell of a dried in the sun linen shirt....honest sweat, rosemary and bergamot soap or leather on a guy and I'm good to go. But one whiff of after shave and/or cologne and I completely shut down. And there's no getting it back either. Don't even try. (So, if you ever want me to not want to sleep with you...well, now you know. Gosh, add a wee bouquet of coriander to that and you've got yourself a regular little vile of Anti-Foxmorton Potion-No Known Antidote!)

I also cannot abide a man who is frightened of a bodice. I can only like a guy who knows his way around stays. Can put one on me with no trepidation and little difficulty and, when the occasion calls for it, take it off as well without fear in his soul. Now, before you accuse me of trying to sneak in another Weird Thing I'd just like to point out that all of #3 is related. (No, please don't ask people I'm related to...) I've found that men who are not afraid of a bodice always smell like sun dried linen and leather.......

2. I am an obsessive collage-er. It's true. I wield a glue stick like a cutlass. If I didn't collage it then it can't be happening....that's my motto!

1. My weirdness doesn't bother me. It just bothers other people. The kind of people who don't like that I live on Isle de Foxmorton. In fact, I'm probably not even all that weird. Wilff, the Gnome that lives in my house, told me so.



Anonymous said...

Fabulously interestering (and entertaining)!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Love your 7 things Mimi!! And in response to...
9. when I finally meet you I have to give you a hug, so I hope that won't upset your space.
7. I don't like coriander either...even if it doesn't make me swell.
6. I buy books of logic problems, just for fun. I adore them! I would happily help you!
5. Excuse me? Dog and cat? Are you not missing something (someone) very important, Maaaaa?
4. I don't shave my legs all winter. I only start when I have to wear capri pants, and even then only up to my knees. I hate shaving. :(
Oh, and my house is never spotless.
3. I am a big fan of the male armpit. How is it that a man who is not afraid of bodices doesn't invade your personal space?! ;)
2. I don't think I have ever made a collage. Perhaps you could help me?
1. Your weirdness delights me. My weirdness freaks me out. :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thank you so much for gifting me with the blog award! A fun surprise, indeed! I really liked learning more things about you. :) Theresa

lines n shades said...

wonderful blog. glad to be here :)

Sam Pennington said...

Ah Mimi, on yet another day that isn't going as planned, you've really made me laugh - although in my current state of divorcee-man-drought, I'm going to spend the whole afternoon fantasising about a man smelling of sun dried linen and leather indulging in a spot of bodice-ripping!

Mimi Foxmorton said... I love you all! ;)

Claire....I'll make an exception and give you a BIG, BIG huggie! ;)

As I said, I pillaged this from a Pirate Girl 2008, you caught me! Clearly I didn't read carefully. Ane yes....*now* I couldn't be on a pirate ship without hearing that wonderful "Maaaaaa!" (or anywhere else for that matter!) ;)

re: bodice and personal space:
I'll make an allowance. But first, you have to find me the man....... ;)

Sam-there's worse things to think about.........


Sam Pennington said...

.....and thanks for the link to faerie moon Mimi. Have spent a very happy hour there xxx