Friday, September 4, 2009


Ahoy Mates!

For those of you that either follow my Pirate Girl blog (thank you Autumn!) or know me personally you know that I collage. Obsessively. Incessantly. I wield scissors and glue stick liken unto a cutlass. No magazine within my grasp is safe. Luckily I have a generous friend at work who is as obsessed with reading magazines as I am with slicing them to pieces and thoughtfully saves all her used goodies to satisfy my cravings for pulp slaughter. (many, many thanks, JoDee!)

And (bonus) I'm doing my part to recycle! (my friend Harry will be pleased about that!)

I'm never happier than when I'm on the floor.....magazines strewn lying in the middle of it all-sunsets and bright phrases stuck to his nose and butt-slicing random words and images that I then assemble into my version of collage poetry. The pirated words (for that's truly what they are....words plundered) then seem to take on a life of their own once they're set free from the magazine page and allowed to arrange themselves into a pattern coming to mean something entirely cross purposed to their original intent. I do very little of this arranging...they just seem to know where to go.

The idea is: Don't Think. That's right, no rules. Just slice and glue.
Trust me...the Muse will do the rest. You only need to relax and enjoy.
For me it's not so much about the visual but the written. For you it might be different. And you're limited. Limited by the magazines at hand. But you'll be surprised that the 'right' image/word pops up.....every time.

Delicious therapy as well! Creativity is balm for the soul. And bailed me out of more than a few Writer's Block Days when I thought I'd never have a fresh idea again.
I've gotten so I now collage everything! No story is started before a good collage session. And I'll let you in on an old gypsy collage can collage your life. It's true. Try'll see. It's all in the magic of collage. Shhhh.

On a whim (and I get many whims!) I've decided that I should create a blog specifically for my collage poetry. Though the trick for me will be not the sharing of the writing but the sharing of the work itself as I am technologically challenged and had to have it pointed out to me that glue-sticking work to the computer screen doesn't mean everyone else can see it. ;) (This is where my daughter Amy and granddaughter Heidi come in. Hi-love you guys!)

So, bear with me as I take the trip to see them and get some photos of my work to post. And, please, I would so love if you'd send me your own collage creations to post here. Creativity is nothing when not shared.

Now, where did I leave that cutlass.......?

~Pirate Girl

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